About SPS EZpay

Information Design, parent of SPS EZpay, was founded in 1993 as a technical consulting and application development firm specializing in the areas of IBM and Microsoft technologies. Due to our excellent reputation for advanced technical knowledge and a track record of satisfied clients, we were asked to assist several districts with the development of an on-line student payment portal. These Districts had found, while there were many on line pre-payment systems, they were a module off the lunch system or the SMS system and these districts wanted an application that they controlled. The result is SPS EZpay!

SPS EZpay is designed for districts to not simply take in revenue via the web but do so in a way that is fully integrated into the District’s lunch, SMS , Adult Education and Revenue accounting systems. In addition, we understand that districts are in the business of educating students and may not have the resources to properly implement the leading edge technologies we provide. That is why we offer on site implementation support at no extra cost to our member districts. For it does not matter how advanced the system is if it is not set up properly and able to be understood and leveraged by the district.

We are proud of the number of Districts that have placed their trust in us and we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to continue earning their trust every day through superior products, outstanding technical support and a commitment to our partnerships with them.

We also appreciate the growing number of SMS and Child Nutrition vendors that are partnered with SPS EZpay. Through working with us, they demonstrate recognition of the strategic needs of districts and a desire to help meet those needs.

We are an Ohio based company that understands what is critical and unique to the success of School Districts..and we provide it each and every day!